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I want to say that all of your support has been great. I love how you all have your own takes on what Mantra means to you. That is what makes it so great. A little about what is behind Mantra. Currently Mantra is a one man opperation. Mantra to me is a way to make myself better. It is something I can stand behind and believe in the message a mantra can bring. Each of the designs I have created have different meanings to me each day. They motivate me to expand my knowledge, meet new people, and put out a positive vibe to a world that focuses on trivial issues. The Original Series shirts are to show off that you helped Mantra get off the ground. It's my way of showing appreciation to you for b

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The typical motivational sayings you get are fairly basic. They are just repeated hap hazardly and end up being just an afterthought later in the day. What is it about these kinds of motivational quotes, sayings, that keep popping up. Even some speakers use the same old rhetoric about “next level” “pump it up” and “get it done”. Is it about simplifying a deeper connection with yourself? You take a long drawn out explanation and compress it in to an easy to digest statement. For some that is enough. For others, how long does that stick? The conditioning I have received over the years is a hard one to break. Daily I am bombarded with thoughts that are less than ideal for advanceing forward. Th


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