"Love Furiously"

Love is an unstoppable force. It heals, it motivates, it protects, and it nurtures. Love can make you feel like you are on top of the world; like nothing else matters in a specific space in time. It refuses to give up hope, even if it had previously been tainted by a past relationship or heartbreak. It thrives and it is infinite, never ceasing to reach us all in some form or another at random points in time. It cannot be destroyed, nor can we live without it. It varies in degrees and forms, and is perhaps the driving force of life itself. It is the gift that mysteriously chooses where, how, and when it will appear. We cannot force love and we cannot create it. It just IS. Love is an enormous

"Relentless Pursuit"

As we travel along this circuitous path we call Life, what is it we are seeking? Once we know what it is that we are after, we then need to make a plan of exactly how we are going to get there. It is my firm belief that the most fruitful and meaningful paths in life are those that are less traveled BECAUSE they are more arduous. BECAUSE they require more work, the end resulting value becomes exponential. When I think of what the MANTRA “Relentless Pursuit” means to me, I think of my goals, both short and long term. I like to imagine each of my goals to be met at the very peak of a mountain, and my trek along the trail is what I need to do to get there. Some peaks are higher, and some trails


PURPOSE! We all seek it. What is purpose? Why do we seek it? These are the questions we must ask ourselves. To some of us it defines who we are. Others use purpose as a means to obtain a goal. In the end purpose is about intent. Who we intend to be, what we intend to achieve. It is with these elements in mind that one must set forth in life and become the outstanding individual you seek to become. Your purpose is different from everyone else. You may have the purpose to become the best husband or wife. The best father or mother to your children. The best version of your self. Your purpose is always evolving. It is something you always need to work on. To strive for. Once you reach that goal,

"No More Xcuses"

It’s much easier to make an excuse than it is to simply knuckle down, STFU, and get it done. Every day, we are faced with a multitude of opportunities and challenges. With each opportunity comes the chance to own the challenge, or to make an excuse and to pass it off as a legitimate reason for why we can’t possibly achieve the goal. Often, the path of least resistance requires little to no friction and is easily followed. But what’s the personal payoff with that? No one that has ever truly made something of themselves, by themselves, for themselves, has taken this path. Excuses are much more easily made than our personal triumphs, involving scraping, scratching, and digging deep into the stu


“NOT DONE YET” When we read these three words, what about them resonates within us? For myself, this MANTRA speaks to me in extraordinary volumes. It may whisper like the wind in the trees at times, while at other times, it’s in my face, screaming at me like a Marine drill instructor. We encounter varying degrees of obstacles and challenges within our daily lives. Some may seem mundane and comparable to watching paint dry, while others may literally have lives hanging in the balance. Yet, with each, and regardless of the level of severity and urgency, we are given the option to see it through to the end, or to simply give up and give in. We are the sole designers of our futures, the captains


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