Orion's Army Donations

The Orion's Army campaign has been a successful run. Rune Oil Beard Company, Lilacs n Lillys Body Lovin Soaps, Mantra, Odin's Beard Woodworking and the Astute Gentlemen Barber and Cigar Lounge are happy to report that we have raised $250 for the Cystic Fibrosis foundation. We would like to thank all of the following people who contributed to this great cause. Justin Youse Matthew Huttle Trey Svendsen Kim Forbush Chris Forbush Ned Nerdin Gennifer Salazar Sarath Boon Matthew Petrey Jason Fulkerson Jeffery Davis Brittan Chattic Mantra, LLC has donated the total contributions to the Cystic Fibrosis foundation website. We would also like to thank the following sponsors: Be sure to click on the li

Behold My Power

Think of your power as being like a soft, glowing light. The more energy we put into it, the brighter the light becomes. Our intentions are what determines the light’s focus. Is it funneled into one small focus area, like a flashlight, or did you choose to spread its rays like a beautiful sunset? It is your power, and you may use it in any way you choose. Power can be used for great things, but it can also be used for unspeakable monstrosities. You decide. There are literally, by definition, many meanings that are attached to the word power. These multiple definitions afford us the opportunity to, in a sense, define the word for ourselves. In order to use our power, we first must have a situ

Ego is the Enemy

Everyone knows that one person that is just a little too sure of themselves and can never be wrong, let alone admit when they are. They seem to stand with their noses to the sky, looking down at, and judging those around them. They exude overconfidence like a skunk and are not the kind of person you’d want to be stuck in an elevator with for an extended period of time. I’ve met several of this particular type of self-absorbed person along my journeys, and they all have one thing in common; while they may be successful in business, they’re rarely successful in life. They’re literally failing in every other aspect of their existence. They fail in their relationships and they often fail in thei

Own Your SHT

Alexander Pope once said that “to err is human”. We all mess up. Hell, I mess up several times a day. When we make a mistake or wrong someone, what do we do? You have two choices at that point. You can hide from the issue, or you can choose to own your shit and face it head-on. Take ownership of everything you do in life. The good, the bad, and (especially) the ugly. Something about this MANTRA spoke to me, and then I realized it is because it calls me out. Everyone LOVES being called on his or her BS, right? Yet, we need it. We need the reminder to step up and be on top of our game regarding our relationships with others. And to do that, we need to own our shit. Now, trust and believe that


When we think about what it means to evolve, we often see the classic picture in our mind’s eye of a primate that grows slowly in height, standing ever more erect, until we have the finishing product. Now, whether you believe in the theory of evolution as a human species or not, one thing is for certain: the only constant is change. To change is to evolve. One and the same. Change happens all around us. It cannot be stopped, nor can we survive without it. Evolution is the change we make in order to survive and thrive in our current environments. We grow with each shot the universe throws at us. We adapt each time we learn one of Life’s lessons, and we grow from it. We stand a little taller,


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