I Believe In Myself

Let’s be honest. If you don’t believe in yourself, how in the hell can you ask or expect anyone else to believe in you? Breaking news: it’s not going to happen. Think about it. Would you invest your life savings into a company, run by a person who didn’t believe in their own product? No, you would not, unless you’re an idiot. Belief in one’s self is absolutely imperative to any goal. You’re not going to embark on an arduous journey if you think you have a slim chance that you’ll make it to your destination. That’d be just nuts, right? Some people think that having faith in your own abilities equates to being self-absorbed and cocky. To hell with those people and their limited scope of thinki

Stumble, Fall, Rise, Repeat

Falling down is a part of life. We begin our lives falling all over the place, and it never really stops, though the falling part may not always be in the physical sense. Sometimes our falls are emotional and at other times they have more to do with stumbling on our path to our goals, hopes, and dreams. Each fall gives us a unique opportunity, one where we decide which direction we will take it from ground zero. We are all going to eat shit from time to time. It always hurts, it sucks, it humbles us, and it always makes us second-guess ourselves going forward. It’s easy to stay down on the ground where there’s no fear of future stumbles and falls. We could just lie there and watch the butter


I first fell in love with MANTRA because of the people behind the company. You will never meet more loving and selfless people in your lifetime. What started as a small seed has grown to bear the fruits of relentless labors. I choose MANTRA because I believe in everything that it stands for, and I am passionate about passionate people. What separates MANTRA from other companies is the personal touch that is given to each and every product. Each shirt is hand printed, with love. We aren’t talking about your corporate mass-production company here, spewing out hundreds of crappy t-shirts that will only let you down after the 45 bucks you wasted, a few camping dirt naps, and 2 cycles through the


To dedicate yourself to something means that you ignore your self-doubt, your fears, and all of the naysayers. You punch apprehension in the proverbial face and then you throw a bag of burning dog shit at its door. Dedication, to me, means that nothing will stand in my way. It means that every obstacle that is presented to me will fall like Goliath and be reduced to nothing but a memory of anxious fears past. One can dedicate themselves to many things. What you dedicate your short time on this earth to does, in fact, define you. Some men have greats dreams, and some have great plans. You can wish with all your might that things will find their place within your deck of cards, yet wishing alo


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