Alter Your Thinking

The mind is a powerful thing. It literally controls every aspect of our lives. The mind has invented the light bulb and it discovered electricity. It has built walls and then knocked them down. It has waged wars and brought peace. Yes, the mind is an unstoppable force that can accomplish anything, and it is the blueprint that dictates everything within and around us. I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying that we are what we eat. This is a similar concept here. Because the mind controls who we are and what we become, we are what we THINK we are. (I’ll pause for a moment while your mind explodes.) You are absolutely what you tell yourself you are. Now, this brings about some concern regar

Stay True

You can go all the way through your life helping others, donating your time to various people, traveling, and living life to what you thought was the fullest extent- but if you did so without following your heart and being true to yourself, did you even live? Being and staying true to one's self is one of the most important concepts to grasp in this life. How many times have we been put in a situation where we put what WE wanted or needed on the back burner in order to cater to someone else’s wants and needs? Just some good old-fashioned humanitarian philanthropy, right? That’s all good and well, until we give so much of ourselves that we forget who we are and become bitter, resentful, and l

Stand For Something Or Fall For Anything

Everywhere in the books of history, we can see evidence of men and women with grit. In fact, no one found within those pages has taken the easier route. It takes guts and it takes motivation, and with these things we can move mountains. You can have every awesome attribute in the world, but if you don’t use it, what use is it to mankind? What does it mean to take a stand? Most of us have heard this phrase at some point in our lives, but do we get it? Do we embody it? Do we truly comprehend what it means? There will be times in life where you and your grit will be tested. Mark my words. You will have days and times like these. For me, when I think about what standing for something means, I im

Made Better With Each Failure

Nobody reading this blog has ever failed, right? We succeed in everything we do, the first time, regardless of how much effort we invest and the attention we give to the goal. I’ll pause for a moment while we all stop laughing… Seriously though, we all fail. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you put into it, you’re just not going to succeed. It’s not always the case, but sometimes it does and will happen. This is a simple fact of life and we should embrace it. If I had a dollar for each one of my failures, I would be on my own private island, sipping Shiraz from a coconut (with the little umbrella), while being fanned with palm branches by a guy that looks like Johnny Depp, wearing a bana

Independence Day

Today we celebrate our country's independence day. A day in which we declared our separation from a government we didn't agree with and became a constitutional republic. As Americans, we have enjoyed freedom. The freedom of choice. You have the freedom to choose how you want to live, how to earn, how to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You have the freedom to believe what you wish, to gain knowledge from any source and to apply that to your life. How will you celebrate your freedoms today? BBQ with friends? Shooting off fireworks? Paying respects to those who have defended your freedoms? Reflecting on your choices and how you can improve your life? However you choose to celebrate today, know


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