Grow Stronger

Wind is essential for the survival of a tree. Think about it for a moment. If the wind did not exist, then we probably wouldn't have any trees… or at the least, very feeble ones. Why? Because stress is essential for the growth and the health of a tree. If there were nothing to knock it around, forcing the tree to adapt and grow in strength, it would simply become more and more frail, with shallow root systems, until nonexistent. The first big wind that came along would easily level an inexperienced sapling. You might’ve heard me say before that the ‘wind makes the trees grow stronger’, and this is exactly what I mean by it. Every living thing requires opposition, hardship, stressors, and “wi


Too often we allow life to overwhelm us. It buries us in meaningless distractions that consume our time. When these go unchecked, they can become enormous obstacles that can not seem to be conquered. We slip away from the world, our friends and family. Disappearing into our woes. This can be the moment that makes or breaks you. This moment will define you. There are only two choices you can make. Let it overwhelm you, or you can Never Fade Away. Rise up and defeat your challenges, try a different approach, adapt, evolve. Don't lose yourself to despair. Fight for what you want to accomplish. Remember that it's about the journey and not the destination. When you look back and tell the story of

Every Day I Will Make Myself Better

Every evening, the sun retires. Every morning, the sun returns. Have you ever noticed how uniquely beautiful each one is, and how no two sunsets or sunrises are exactly alike? As with the sun, so are the days; no two are identical. I like to think of these as silent, stunning reminders that each day is new, unchartered territory with which I may choose to spend as I see fit. Some days are better, more productive, and more enjoyable than others, yet each day is an offering. One we can squander, or one we can use every minute of making better versions of ourselves. Some days, I feel like I should get a trophy for simply getting dressed that day, or maybe a smiley-faced sticker for days when I

Make It Worth It

My father always told me that “anything worth doing, is worth doing right”. Any other way and its simply a huge waste of your damn time. It’s like setting out to climb a mountain and then stopping before you summit. Why would anyone do that? (I have only met one peak that I couldn’t summit due to technical requirements beyond my skill set and trust me; the damn thing will bug and haunt me for the rest of my life.) If it’s worth it, it won’t be easy. Let’s face it; your chances of winning the lottery in life are pretty slim. Nothing of true value is going to be handed to you. Not success, not health, not wealth. Some people have this pipe dream that they’re just going to somehow, some way, ma


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