• Ryan Mumford

Color Variations and "Mantra M"

Mantra is proud to announce that Yellow and Hot Pink colors are now available for all of the starting line up designs. Now you can accent your Mantra apperal with the boldness of the Yellow or show off in the Hot Pink.

Whatever color you choose, it is still printed with the same care as the original white. These shirts won't shrink and hold their shape. Available in a black crew t-shirt that is a 60/40 blend of cotton and polyester. Wear these shirts with pride and make your statement.

Mantra is also proud to launch the "Mantra M" print. Available in the current selections of colors. This print is a massive 12" wide and definetly stand out.

Mantra is about making your statement. What do you stand for? Busting your ass? Owning your shit? Brushing yourself off and continue on?

What is your MANTRA?

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