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Mantra is more than just clothing. Mantra is the essence of your being. Who you are. What's derived from your values. It pushes you forward when you don't want to move. It remindes you to do good in the world. To grab hold of your dream and push forward through the shit. Mantra is not something you do on yoga mat. Mantra can be quiet, but it is also BOLD!

There are times in life that we must find ourselfs again. We have lost who we were when we dreamed big. We blindly follow others instead of paving our own path. We have been beaten down by what we are expected to do. Told over and over that the day to day is the norm and not to question it.

Find yourself again. Become Bold again. Do Good Things in the world. Be Humble. Improve yourself for the better. Its not a matter of who has the most, or who can give you the most. You are the only one responsible for YOU!​


How many times do we need to be told. With all of the "lessons" we keep learning, society cant seem to get this one right. Change comes one person at a time.

We rather film and give fame to bullies, ass holes, and those that do more harm rather than show the good parts of life. Perhaps its the drama people crave, then when it happens they complain as to why they their life went to shit. If you do good things then the drama is reduced to something managable.

Doing good things are not that hard. It just takes effort and courage. Courage in the face of a wrong choice.

This is just one interpretation of the importance of Do Good Things. What is yours?


Everyone has their trials to deal with. Insecurities, feelings of not belonging or doubt. Hell, even I have them while I type this out. Battles I personally face against myself everyday. These battles are my own. No one elses. Owning them makes me better. I recognize them when they pop up, and I can deal with them on my own. What seems like a monster issue at the time is really a minor stumble.

I don't blame others for my trials in life. They are mine to face. That doesn't mean that I don't seek out others for council. Combine this mentality with Doing Good Things and I come out on top. Don't take things out on others, work through it. Frustration is part of the path. You have to hack your way through the jungle to find a better way. This is how you own your shit.


In this day and age, we have access to countless hours of information. That information is always changing. What science has proven as fact one day is proven false another day. Yes some things stay consistent. Electricity flows in one direction, and has the ability to kill you if you stand in water while hooking up jumper cables to your nipples.

What boggles the mind is that with all of this information, we are set in our ways to believe anything that fits only within our personal views. There aren't a lot of people doing research for themselfes. We allow the "NEWS' to tell us what we should think. Fine, if you don't want to dig into causes and effects of an issue, then you will fall for tall tales.

Here is a challenge for you. Find an issue that you dissagree with a friend on and research both sides. Don't just gather informaiton that you agree with, dig in to the other viewpoint and educate yourself on all aspects of the topic. Then believe what is right for you and realise that YOUR choice is for YOU and you alone.

​What do you stand for?

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