• Ryan Mumford

Mantra: A Statement

Mantra: A Statement or slogan repeated over and over.

Everyone has values, a quote, a statement that defines who they are. Some keep you focused on your goals, others are centered around who they are. They change, are refocused and reignite you to take action that will better yourself.

How do you choose to influence others? Do you lead by example or are you to focused on changing others to fit your needs?

The world isn't baby proof. Evil things happen. There are many different ways to approach problems that only you are privy to. Change comes from within, not by force. Reflect on your choices in your life. You don't have to settle for what or where you are. Change is a slow process so don't force others to conform to your individual view of the world.

You can't speak from experience if you haven't dealt with it yourself. Mantra is here to inspire you take action in your own life. Your story, your struggles, your challenges are your own, but you are not alone. Help from other influences can help you overcome and reach your potential.

What is your MANTRA?

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