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Brandon’s Mantra:

Brandon has been an amazing individual with a powerful work ethic. He has supported Mantra from the start and we are grateful for his belief in what Mantra is about. We here at Mantra are proud to call him a friend and welcome Brandon into the Mantra family. Keep up the great work and remember that you are NOT DONE YET.

We have asked Brandon to tell us what his Mantra is and what he truly stands for. Read on to see what he has to say.

I like to keep my story short, as to me what I have done is done and personally I have a lot of things to get accomplished. I am family man in my mid 30’s. I have an awesome wife who puts up with me daily on her own free will. She has graciously and generously provided me with two beautiful little girls and continues to help me raise those girls the best that we can! My daughters are my reason for getting up in the morning, and by the end of the day they are the reason that I pass out so quickly in the evening. I am prior military, spending 4 years in the Air Force after getting my commission and completing my B.S. In Aerospace Engineering. I currently work for the local Coca-Cola bottler as a business and data analyst. I also teach a couple of college courses in Astronomy on the side every semester. Hobbies include gardening, hiking, skiing, and working out.

When you hear the word MANTRA, what do you think of?

When I hear the word “MANTRA” I think of a few different things. I think about slogans, sayings, phrases. More importantly though, I think about mind set, goals, paths forward, and a way of living. Each of us needs that little extra bit of motivation from time to time. Choosing to be positive, settings myself up for success, and having that internal motivation through a “MANTRA” helps keep me motivated and reminds me of what I am working towards and for whom.

"I think about mind set, goals, paths forward,

and a way of living."

What interested you in the MANTRA brand?

I like the “MANTRA” brand because it is genuine. I have the advantage of knowing the owner personally and as a result, have an insider scoop on his motivation, what he is trying to accomplish, and how. It is one thing to create a design with a catchy “mantra” or slogan on it, but it is another to be a part of each design, to believe in the “manta” being displayed and, to do your best to live by it day in and day out. Not only live by it, but encourage those around to give some thought into their personal ideas and “mantras” and help them integrate it into their lives.

What is your MANTRA?

I don’t have a singular “mantra” and I truly believe that day to day it changes a bit based on what is projected to happen that day or what has happened that day. If I have to narrow it down though, I think that there are three things that I feel daily that help me along the way. The first one is “Own It.” There is no way that one can have success in anything without stepping up and owning it. No one owes you anything and no one else is at fault for your failure or lack of success. Until you step up and recognize that YOU and, no one else, are responsible for you, it is difficult to do much of anything. The second one is “Do Great” and can mean something different to everyone based on what you have set out to do. Great for all of us is different. You don’t have to be out saving a life or on the cover of CEO weekly. You have to set your goals and be realistic with yourself and what you want to accomplish, and then do your absolute best to accomplish them. Even failures can be recognized as great if you can show that you did your best. Lastly, “Be Humble.” We all start in different places. While I would never discourage enjoying your success and being proud, I would always encourage being humble and remembering the work and effort required to get where you are. Use your success as a jumping stone for your next goal and to even help others who may experience a similar challenge as yourself.

"No one owes you anything and no one else is at fault for your failure or lack of success."

How do you apply your MANTRA to your life?

I mentioned it a bit previously, but I apply my “mantras” into my life daily and use them as a little extra motivation to keep me on track. It is something that over the last year or so I have been able to grasp and truly use to hopefully make better choices that help me succeed. In a way, it is my own version of WWJD, but it is more like WWBD, where the B stands for Brandon. It enables me to continuously hold myself responsible! On the Manta LLC brand side of things, I have taken great pride in being able to take a product, wear it proudly, follow its message, and get to some awesome places and proudly display my Mantras all over the country!

What is one word of advice you would pass on to others?

Find what works for you. This goes back to my first mantra above. You need to “own it.” We are all going to do that differently. We all have different starting places. We all have different finish lines. We aren’t competing against the person next to us, we are competing against ourselves. Your path looks different than mine. As a result, I need to find what is going to work for me, since your solution works for your path but not necessarily mine. Find what works for YOU! Do Great! Be Humble! Lastly, repeat.

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