• Meghan Flynn



When we read these three words, what about them resonates within us? For myself, this MANTRA speaks to me in extraordinary volumes. It may whisper like the wind in the trees at times, while at other times, it’s in my face, screaming at me like a Marine drill instructor.

We encounter varying degrees of obstacles and challenges within our daily lives. Some may seem mundane and comparable to watching paint dry, while others may literally have lives hanging in the balance. Yet, with each, and regardless of the level of severity and urgency, we are given the option to see it through to the end, or to simply give up and give in.

We are the sole designers of our futures, the captains of our vessels, weavers of our dreams, and the guiding compass for ourselves and those we keep around us. One thing is for sure; we are never done progressing. We are never done fighting for good. We are never done loving, learning, righting our wrongs, forgiving, and growing.

When things get difficult, when the clouds roll in and we find ourselves ‘barefoot in the snow, traveling uphill (both ways)’, what keeps us from uttering our own words of surrender and defeat? One thing is for certain. We are, most definitely, “NOT DONE YET". Not even close.

What does the MANTRA “NOT DONE YET” mean to you?

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