• Meghan Flynn

"No More Xcuses"

It’s much easier to make an excuse than it is to simply knuckle down, STFU, and get it done. Every day, we are faced with a multitude of opportunities and challenges. With each opportunity comes the chance to own the challenge, or to make an excuse and to pass it off as a legitimate reason for why we can’t possibly achieve the goal.

Often, the path of least resistance requires little to no friction and is easily followed. But what’s the personal payoff with that? No one that has ever truly made something of themselves, by themselves, for themselves, has taken this path. Excuses are much more easily made than our personal triumphs, involving scraping, scratching, and digging deep into the stuff we are made of to find what we can do with our grit.

Trust and believe I’m not standing on this soapbox without having had to face my own habit of making ample excuses for not getting things done on a daily basis. Just this week, I was faced with what felt like a bit too much to chew, and I’d be lying if I said that the thought of just giving in to the easier way didn’t cross my mind. But… successful people don’t give in to those small voices of doubt and temptation to take the easy way out.

It’s way easier to tap out, to give in, and to make excuses. I’m asking you to take the seemingly harder route. I’m asking you to dig deep. I’m asking you to find out what you’re made of. I’m asking you to examine yourself, truthfully, and to make your dreams and goals a reality, and we can only accomplish this by ceasing to make excuses. Say it out loud, right now! “No more Xcuses!” Now, go make something happen!

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