• Ryan Mumford



We all seek it. What is purpose? Why do we seek it? These are the questions we must ask ourselves. To some of us it defines who we are. Others use purpose as a means to obtain a goal. In the end purpose is about intent. Who we intend to be, what we intend to achieve. It is with these elements in mind that one must set forth in life and become the outstanding individual you seek to become.

Your purpose is different from everyone else. You may have the purpose to become the best husband or wife. The best father or mother to your children. The best version of your self. Your purpose is always evolving. It is something you always need to work on. To strive for. Once you reach that goal, you must continue or else it will fade and become nothing.

The path with be challenging. Difficult. Riddled with obstacles to slow you down, but you must continue to overcome each one. Attack with a purpose and reach your potential. Then continue to be better than you were!

What is your purpose?

What is your Mantra?

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