• Meghan Flynn

"Love Furiously"

Love is an unstoppable force. It heals, it motivates, it protects, and it nurtures. Love can make you feel like you are on top of the world; like nothing else matters in a specific space in time. It refuses to give up hope, even if it had previously been tainted by a past relationship or heartbreak. It thrives and it is infinite, never ceasing to reach us all in some form or another at random points in time. It cannot be destroyed, nor can we live without it. It varies in degrees and forms, and is perhaps the driving force of life itself. It is the gift that mysteriously chooses where, how, and when it will appear. We cannot force love and we cannot create it. It just IS.

Love is an enormous factor in my life. It drives the very breaths I take and it is the one thing that I cannot get enough of. I try to imagine a life without love, and I cannot. There is love to be found in everything, although sometimes it is a bit more elusive or speaks more quietly than at other times. Yet, still, it is present and it remains. When I focus my mind in the word “love”, I first gravitate towards family. I think of my two little minis; the two tiny people in this world that have shown me love in the purest form.

I think of the many people that share my blood. I think of the sacrifices my parents made in order to make sure that I would have a better life than they did. I think of the one man that was gentle enough to fill my wary heart with love, even after it had been crushed and I had all but given up on the very idea of ever finding it again. I think of my extended family and friends; the people who didn’t HAVE to love me, but chose to. This, my friends, is the true conquest in life: to love and to be loved. There is no greater feeling and there is no greater prize.

I encourage you to “Love Furiously”, like the sun will not rise tomorrow. Love with all your might, love with every breath, and love with every fiber, especially during cold and uncertain times. This is when we need love the most. Life simply cannot exist without it, and even if it could somehow, I wouldn’t want any part of a world that lacked it. So, tell the people you love that you love them. Wear that shit out, if need be. Never let a person that you care about go without them knowing it. Open your heart, expand it, share it, and never cease to “Love Furiously.”

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