• Meghan Flynn


When we think about what it means to evolve, we often see the classic picture in our mind’s eye of a primate that grows slowly in height, standing ever more erect, until we have the finishing product. Now, whether you believe in the theory of evolution as a human species or not, one thing is for certain: the only constant is change. To change is to evolve. One and the same. Change happens all around us. It cannot be stopped, nor can we survive without it.

Evolution is the change we make in order to survive and thrive in our current environments. We grow with each shot the universe throws at us. We adapt each time we learn one of Life’s lessons, and we grow from it. We stand a little taller, more erect. We learn from our past mistakes and move forward.

As for myself, I am ever evolving. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities to grow. Evolution is the key to getting better, becoming more wise, and living a much more fulfilling life. We must adapt and overcome, or cease to exist. It is the way Life has run this ship since we first set foot on our journey. It is the way it has always been, and it is the way it will always be. I personally choose to evolve with my surroundings and to take life by the horns, not the other way around.

Evolve, change, grow, stand tall, and repeat. Never stop evolving. Become the thing you want to be. Change is inevitable, so we must never fear it, and we must change with the change.

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