• Meghan Flynn

Own Your SHT

Alexander Pope once said that “to err is human”. We all mess up. Hell, I mess up several times a day. When we make a mistake or wrong someone, what do we do? You have two choices at that point. You can hide from the issue, or you can choose to own your shit and face it head-on. Take ownership of everything you do in life. The good, the bad, and (especially) the ugly.

Something about this MANTRA spoke to me, and then I realized it is because it calls me out. Everyone LOVES being called on his or her BS, right? Yet, we need it. We need the reminder to step up and be on top of our game regarding our relationships with others. And to do that, we need to own our shit. Now, trust and believe that I am not sittin’ up here on some pedestal, telling you to own it, without having realized the amplitude with which this particular MANTRA screams at me personally.

I have had many occasions where I failed to meet a personal goal, and then internally blamed it on someone else, something, or some circumstance. This does not fix the problem. In fact, we are then in an interminable state of denial. It wasn’t your dog’s fault that you were late to work, and it isn’t your mother’s/father’s/cousin’s pet pig’s fault either. If you are late, that is because you failed to manage your time properly. (Reminds me of something my Gunny used to say, regarding the “6 P’s”; “proper planning prevents piss poor performance”.)

Each person is different. We react to situations differently. Imagine you found yourself in a face-off situation with another person. Ask yourself, truthfully, what would be your reaction and what should be your reaction? We have to find that definitive line between having been wronged and being in the wrong. If you classify as the latter, own your shit! It does not pull your damned alpha card when you apologize to someone! If anything it shows character, and THAT is sexy.

So, the next time you find yourself in a situation (that you know was your own damn fault)… own your shit!

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