• Meghan Flynn

Ego is the Enemy

Everyone knows that one person that is just a little too sure of themselves and can never be wrong, let alone admit when they are. They seem to stand with their noses to the sky, looking down at, and judging those around them. They exude overconfidence like a skunk and are not the kind of person you’d want to be stuck in an elevator with for an extended period of time. I’ve met several of this particular type of self-absorbed person along my journeys, and they all have one thing in common; while they may be successful in business, they’re rarely successful in life. They’re literally failing in every other aspect of their existence. They fail in their relationships and they often fail in their quest for unobtainable and unrealistic goals.

The problem here is ego. When she is out of control, she is like the crazy chick at the bar, taking navel shots of tequila from random strangers, blacked out by 2100, and showcasing a set of separate personalities. One is sweet, confident, yet humble, while the other side of her is the reason we eventually about face and haul ass in the opposite direction. It is a wonderful thing to have a healthy amount of self-esteem and confidence, but, as with anything in life, too much of a good thing can be exceptionally bad. The trick is balance. We need balance in all aspects of our lives, and we need balance to keep our egos in check. Checking off the items on our goals list is a pretty hard thing to do when our goal is to be infallible.

Think, for a moment, of your long-term and short-term goals. Do you have an outline as to exactly how you are going to reach your goal, or are you ‘not really worried about it and sure that it’ll just fall into your lap’? That is that ugly side of ego talking. It assumes that because of how amazingly awesome you are, that it is all just going to magically happen for you, just like that. This form of thinking is not only delusional, but defies reality.

You might be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but the man that is not overly confident and shows humility is the man that rules the world. It is easy to cross that sneaky invisible line from confidence to cockiness. I myself have had phases in my life where I had to reel in my ego and adjust my aim and attitude. I noticed my circle getting smaller, my texts becoming more frequently unanswered, and the loneliness setting in. I had sufficiently alienated myself from everyone. Turns out, people don’t want to hang around when all they hear is how awesome you think you are.

Don’t be an ass. Check your ego. It is the first thing that stops growth and forward progression. (After all, how can a perfect person get any better?) Humble yourselves enough to see the world around you as an opportunity that is to be respected and cherished, not taken for granted because nothing compares to your reflection. Ego is the enemy. It is the enemy of any form of progress, it turns everyone off, and it keeps you from having genuine connections with genuine people. After all, nobody wants to be 90 and alone, without even a pet because they couldn’t stand your ass either.

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