• Meghan Flynn

Behold My Power

Think of your power as being like a soft, glowing light. The more energy we put into it, the brighter the light becomes. Our intentions are what determines the light’s focus. Is it funneled into one small focus area, like a flashlight, or did you choose to spread its rays like a beautiful sunset? It is your power, and you may use it in any way you choose. Power can be used for great things, but it can also be used for unspeakable monstrosities. You decide.

There are literally, by definition, many meanings that are attached to the word power. These multiple definitions afford us the opportunity to, in a sense, define the word for ourselves. In order to use our power, we first must have a situation that requires it. This is true for any sense of the word. Most often, this catalyst comes in the form of adversity. We have an issue, and we then find a way to power through it. What is your power and what is it focused on?

My light is focused on forward progression, love, perseverance, health, happiness, knowledge, and fulfillment. It is focused on learning from my mistakes, forgiving others for theirs, and letting the past rest. It is, at times, focused inward when I need to perform some self-maintenance and I keep some in reserves for the day when someone else might need to borrow it. The definition of power can easily be found in any dictionary. Yet, as it turns out, it is not so easily confined within the walls of a standard definition.

You define your own power. You build it, master it, and harness it. You decide how and when to use it and you are its keeper. Behold your own power. Nurture it and watch it grow.

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