• Meghan Flynn


To dedicate yourself to something means that you ignore your self-doubt, your fears, and all of the naysayers. You punch apprehension in the proverbial face and then you throw a bag of burning dog shit at its door.

Dedication, to me, means that nothing will stand in my way. It means that every obstacle that is presented to me will fall like Goliath and be reduced to nothing but a memory of anxious fears past. One can dedicate themselves to many things. What you dedicate your short time on this earth to does, in fact, define you.

Some men have greats dreams, and some have great plans. You can wish with all your might that things will find their place within your deck of cards, yet wishing alone will only get you one ticket to nowhere town with a carryon filled with disappointment.

Dedicate youserself. Dedicate your life, your time, and your love. Fill your space with people that get where you are going and want to help you get to your destination. Seek out those wiser; heed their words and take note. Know that your worst enemy is your own subconscious doubt and fear.

Close your eyes and visualize what the word dedicated means to you. For every word or phrase, there are a thousand interpretations and responses. Find your own and find your own MANTRA.

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