• Meghan Flynn


I first fell in love with MANTRA because of the people behind the company. You will never meet more loving and selfless people in your lifetime. What started as a small seed has grown to bear the fruits of relentless labors. I choose MANTRA because I believe in everything that it stands for, and I am passionate about passionate people.

What separates MANTRA from other companies is the personal touch that is given to each and every product. Each shirt is hand printed, with love. We aren’t talking about your corporate mass-production company here, spewing out hundreds of crappy t-shirts that will only let you down after the 45 bucks you wasted, a few camping dirt naps, and 2 cycles through the wash. We are talking family. We are talking small business. We are talking local. We are talking genuine quality. How, I ask you, does it get any better than that?

Everyone has a MANTRA. What is splendidly unique about this company is that each person will find something that suits them perfectly and speaks the words your own heart cannot put to terms, until you see it in print. Whatever your MANTRA, you will find its reflection here.

I am a woman of many mantras. They can change daily, or by the minute. Personally, the word mantra = motivation. I am everything from a fighter to a mother; equal parts piss, vinegar, and sugar. I fight to make each day count and I try to exceed my ever-expanding list of goals. I have nights where sleep seems wasteful of my precious time, and I have many of the same worries that we all share. What keeps me going are the simple, yet complex, phrases that pick me up from my bootstraps.

What motivates and drives you? I’m willing to bet that if you check out the Series 5 products, you’ll find the lost words we stole from your heart. Find what speaks to you and, if you enter the code mflynn20 at checkout, you’ll receive 20% off on your entire order. So, what’s your MANTRA? Find it here!

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