• Meghan Flynn

Stumble, Fall, Rise, Repeat

Falling down is a part of life. We begin our lives falling all over the place, and it never really stops, though the falling part may not always be in the physical sense. Sometimes our falls are emotional and at other times they have more to do with stumbling on our path to our goals, hopes, and dreams. Each fall gives us a unique opportunity, one where we decide which direction we will take it from ground zero.

We are all going to eat shit from time to time. It always hurts, it sucks, it humbles us, and it always makes us second-guess ourselves going forward. It’s easy to stay down on the ground where there’s no fear of future stumbles and falls. We could just lie there and watch the butterflies, without even so much as a thought of taking another chance. But success is often just around the corner of such stumbles and if we don’t get back up, we will never know it and we will never progress.

Fun fact: I have been a runner for a good majority of my life. I’m also terrible at it. I’m not fast and if the distance requires more than 15 miles, I’m sure to finish with blood all over my body from numerous klutzy Superman-to-lawn-dart falls. Yet, I love it. I love everything about it. I love the pain, the requirement of mental discipline, and I even love falling on my face. Why? Because I love the feeling of getting back up, letting the blood run (freaking every other runner out), and giving gravity the bird.

So the next time you stumble and fall, remember that the power is still yours. Remember that you have a choice and remember that, while it may be more comfortable and safe on the ground, from there you will never fly. You’ve got to pull yourself back up, discard any fears of future falls, and you’ve got to try again. Yes, you will stumble and then fall. I can’t promise that you won’t. It’s the falling that builds our character and it’s the getting back up that steels our resolve. So, stumble, fall, rise, and repeat!

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