• Meghan Flynn

I Believe In Myself

Let’s be honest. If you don’t believe in yourself, how in the hell can you ask or expect anyone else to believe in you? Breaking news: it’s not going to happen. Think about it. Would you invest your life savings into a company, run by a person who didn’t believe in their own product? No, you would not, unless you’re an idiot. Belief in one’s self is absolutely imperative to any goal. You’re not going to embark on an arduous journey if you think you have a slim chance that you’ll make it to your destination. That’d be just nuts, right?

Some people think that having faith in your own abilities equates to being self-absorbed and cocky. To hell with those people and their limited scope of thinking! The first step in any forward movement is belief in one’s self. You can’t begin or succeed without it. There are going to be countless people that are going to tell you that it simply cannot be done, that you’re foolish, and that you’re a dreamer. If your faith in yourself isn’t solid, your foundation will shake and the walls will come crashing down under the weight of their negativity.

I have been in several situations where I have had my self-faith tested. Each time, there were the throngs of people that hoped I would fail, believed I would fail, and were sure that I would fail. Let me tell you, there is no greater feeling than holding up that giant middle finger of achievement in theirs faces when your belief in yourself outweighs their negative banter and you succeed, despite all odds. But it’s not going to be easy.

You are going to have moments where your own self-doubt is going to creep in and threaten your foundation. In fact, at times you might be your own greatest enemy. Silence all the voices, even your own, when they bring anything but love and support. Look yourself in the mirror and tell your inner self that this is possible, and that it will happen. Don’t get discouraged when results aren’t always instantaneous; greatness takes time. Giving up is so much easier than seeing the thing through but we don’t get the feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction that we would if we stuck it out. Stay the course and believe in yourself.

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