• Meghan Flynn

Made Better With Each Failure

Nobody reading this blog has ever failed, right? We succeed in everything we do, the first time, regardless of how much effort we invest and the attention we give to the goal. I’ll pause for a moment while we all stop laughing… Seriously though, we all fail. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you put into it, you’re just not going to succeed. It’s not always the case, but sometimes it does and will happen. This is a simple fact of life and we should embrace it.

If I had a dollar for each one of my failures, I would be on my own private island, sipping Shiraz from a coconut (with the little umbrella), while being fanned with palm branches by a guy that looks like Johnny Depp, wearing a banana-hammock tuxedo. (Too bad life doesn’t work that way!) But, like this ridiculous fantasy, failure also gives us something. I think back on the long list of my personal failures, and I thank the powers that be that I failed each time I did. I love where my life’s journey has taken me, though the roads may have been rocky at times. I wouldn’t be in the exact place I am with the exact circumstances, in this exact moment in time.

Failure can actually be an amazingly wondrous thing. It can motivate and push us forward to opportunities we never believed we would find. It can erase the path we once travelled, bound for a way of life that was never intended for us, and bring us to a new road that we previously hadn’t known existed, riddled with endless possibilities. It can shove you towards the right people and things for you at that perfect space in time and reveal a new door, improving your life for the better.

Failure hurts, but it is SO necessary. Like a forest fire, it destroys everything that was and brings about essential new growth. We need not fear failure, for this is the stuff that teaches the lessons that no teacher can. I’m asking you to embrace your failures, because they are what give us new direction. I’m asking you to learn from each failure, so that they are never repeated and they bring substance into your life, rather than regrets. Seek out, fearlessly, each new opportunity and know that, even though failure is unavoidable at times, we are indeed made better with each failure.

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