• Meghan Flynn

Stand For Something Or Fall For Anything

Everywhere in the books of history, we can see evidence of men and women with grit. In fact, no one found within those pages has taken the easier route. It takes guts and it takes motivation, and with these things we can move mountains. You can have every awesome attribute in the world, but if you don’t use it, what use is it to mankind?

What does it mean to take a stand? Most of us have heard this phrase at some point in our lives, but do we get it? Do we embody it? Do we truly comprehend what it means? There will be times in life where you and your grit will be tested. Mark my words. You will have days and times like these.

For me, when I think about what standing for something means, I immediately go back to my days in the service. I think of the countless hours spent doing rough men’s work, knowing I have a family on another continent that can rest easy because I won’t. Then, I stood for my Country. But in recent years I have found that standing for something doesn’t necessarily mean that you must (literally) sign your life away.

It could be that you learn to use your voice more often. Maybe you see a situation that could be changed, and all it needs is a voice. Think of a particular situation in your life. What could be done to change it? If you never speak up, then you will never be heard, and nothing will ever change. What situation in your life needs but a voice to be heard, inevitably bringing about change? If you remain silent, then the louder voices get center stage, and all will remain as it is.

Rise up, take a stand, and make your voices heard. Whatever you see in your surroundings that needs change, be the voice that brings it about. Live MANTRA.

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