• Meghan Flynn

Alter Your Thinking

The mind is a powerful thing. It literally controls every aspect of our lives. The mind has invented the light bulb and it discovered electricity. It has built walls and then knocked them down. It has waged wars and brought peace. Yes, the mind is an unstoppable force that can accomplish anything, and it is the blueprint that dictates everything within and around us.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying that we are what we eat. This is a similar concept here. Because the mind controls who we are and what we become, we are what we THINK we are. (I’ll pause for a moment while your mind explodes.) You are absolutely what you tell yourself you are. Now, this brings about some concern regarding what it is that you are telling yourself.

Happiness doesn’t look in the mirror and scrutinize every line, bag, grey or unwanted hair, and undesired feature. It doesn’t worry about what others think because it is happy within itself, and understands that the ideas that another may form about them is of zero concern to them. What am I saying?

I’m saying that if you want to be happy, you need to think happy. If you want to be successful, whatever your translation of the word means, you must think like a successful person. Let no one, not even yourself, put ideas into your environment that will hinder your destination. Obviously, no one sets out to fail. The problem is with the ideas that were allowed to cultivate.

Take a hard look at yourself and your goals. Are you who and where you want to be? Examine your thought processes and look for the positives, and then nurture those positives. Learn from the negatives and then change the negatives to a positive. If your life is not the way you want it to be, then maybe it’s time to alter your thinking.

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