• Meghan Flynn

Make It Worth It

My father always told me that “anything worth doing, is worth doing right”. Any other way and its simply a huge waste of your damn time. It’s like setting out to climb a mountain and then stopping before you summit. Why would anyone do that? (I have only met one peak that I couldn’t summit due to technical requirements beyond my skill set and trust me; the damn thing will bug and haunt me for the rest of my life.)

If it’s worth it, it won’t be easy. Let’s face it; your chances of winning the lottery in life are pretty slim. Nothing of true value is going to be handed to you. Not success, not health, not wealth. Some people have this pipe dream that they’re just going to somehow, some way, make millions of dollars from doing absolutely nothing. In reality, the types of people that make their own millions had to hustle, every second of every day.

Maybe money is of little importance to you. Maybe your health and being fit are more of a priority. The same thing goes. You’re going to have to put in the work in order to get the results that you want. Weight by weight and cardio mile by cardio mile. You’ve got to put down the donuts and have the discipline to get yourself there- and no one is going to do it for you.

But what does any of this mean if we don’t make our endeavors worth the time and effort it takes? Nobody likes to waste his or her time and, quite frankly, life is too short to do so (averaging around 2 billion seconds, if we’re lucky). So, whatever you’re after, make it worth it in the long run. Make those precious seconds count. Once they’re gone, you can’t have them back. How you spend them and the quality of the things you decide to trade them for is entirely up to you. Make it worth it!

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