• Meghan Flynn

Every Day I Will Make Myself Better

Every evening, the sun retires. Every morning, the sun returns. Have you ever noticed how uniquely beautiful each one is, and how no two sunsets or sunrises are exactly alike? As with the sun, so are the days; no two are identical. I like to think of these as silent, stunning reminders that each day is new, unchartered territory with which I may choose to spend as I see fit. Some days are better, more productive, and more enjoyable than others, yet each day is an offering. One we can squander, or one we can use every minute of making better versions of ourselves.

Some days, I feel like I should get a trophy for simply getting dressed that day, or maybe a smiley-faced sticker for days when I don’t have the urge to choke anybody out. I’m not lazy and I don’t need anger management; I’m human. Just had a record-level shitty day? Maybe your interactions with other anthropomorphic creatures didn’t go as well as anticipated today? Unless the sun decides to finally break up with us, saying, “It’s not you…” we will have the next day to try again and do better. The worst thing we can do is not realize the gift we have been given.

Each and every day we grow older, we grow wiser, and whether you realize it or not, we change. Don’t like something? YOU change it. Don’t like how you look or feel? Change it. Fell flat? Wake up with a vengeance the next day. Yes, there are conditions that are out of our control, but if you want something; you’ve got to make it happen. Strive to make a better version of yourself with each rising sun.

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