• Ryan Mumford


Too often we allow life to overwhelm us. It buries us in meaningless distractions that consume our time. When these go unchecked, they can become enormous obstacles that can not seem to be conquered. We slip away from the world, our friends and family. Disappearing into our woes.

This can be the moment that makes or breaks you. This moment will define you. There are only two choices you can make. Let it overwhelm you, or you can Never Fade Away.

Rise up and defeat your challenges, try a different approach, adapt, evolve. Don't lose yourself to despair. Fight for what you want to accomplish. Remember that it's about the journey and not the destination. When you look back and tell the story of how you accomplished your goals, you don't skip to the end without revealing how you got there.

Tell your story. Do not leave out any detail. Let your struggle be your legacy. Let others know that if they choose to take the difficult path, that great and wonderful things await them. For those you share your story with they will remember you, and you will NEVER FADE AWAY.

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