• Meghan Flynn

Grow Stronger

Wind is essential for the survival of a tree. Think about it for a moment. If the wind did not exist, then we probably wouldn't have any trees… or at the least, very feeble ones. Why? Because stress is essential for the growth and the health of a tree. If there were nothing to knock it around, forcing the tree to adapt and grow in strength, it would simply become more and more frail, with shallow root systems, until nonexistent. The first big wind that came along would easily level an inexperienced sapling. You might’ve heard me say before that the ‘wind makes the trees grow stronger’, and this is exactly what I mean by it.

Every living thing requires opposition, hardship, stressors, and “wind” to reach full potential. Embrace those curveballs of life, for these are actually gifts in disguise. If nothing ever happened to us, our bodies and minds would probably react much like a tree that has no opposition. We would cease to grow and eventually become so unused to adversities that the first big problem that came along would absolutely level us to the ground.

Keep your mind sharp. Test your body daily. Do not allow your roots to remain shallow. Look optimistically at each problem as an opportunity for growth. With each hit that comes your way, learn from it and grow stronger. Sway with the wind and learn to bend, instead of break. A lot of people don’t understand that all the shitty stuff that’s happened to them is actually what has made them into the beautiful bad-asses that they are today. Be like the Redwood, complete with all of her knots, markings of survival, strong roots, and hundreds of years of putting up with life’s shit. Stand tall and grow stronger.

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