• Ryan Mumford


Heroes. They come in all forms. They come to aid those in need. Regardless of what the need is, a hero shows up. When you think of a hero what do you envision? Iron Man? Captain America? Superman? Batman? Someone in a suit of armor? Firefighter? Police? Military? Family member? You?

Today we remember the lives of those lost to a horrific national tragedy. We also saw many heroes. They are the individuals that charged into the smoke and rubble and did all that they could to help as many people reach safety. Heroes who helped evacuate people from the buildings and then went back in to help more. The conscious choice of personal sacrifice for your fellow man is what makes a hero. This individual may not see themselves as a hero, but the impact they leave on someone is heroic.

There are many ways someone can be a hero. They can be the light at the end of the tunnel. The call that someone needs in a moment of despair. The help one needs while studying. A coach that won't quit until the entire team is a complete unit. Someone there just to give a hug. A parent that kisses the boo boo. Its the empathy that comes with caring for those around you that makes a hero.

Who is your hero and why?

To all of the heroes out there... Thank you. Your memory will never fade away.

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