• Meghan Flynn

Enrich the Lives of Those Around You

If we only ever live for ourselves, then we will have only ever achieved just that... and we will die with only just that. Imagine, if you will, what your funeral and eulogy would look and sound like if you were to graduate from this life tomorrow. How many would be there in attendance to give their farewells? What would the whisperers say in the back row? Are the people there because you were beloved, or are they there because it is the polite thing to do? Will they speak kind words and share many fond memories, or will the funeral party consist of only your empty shell, the priest, and the guy that’s going to cover your casket in dirt, and in doing so, close your book with a final and uneventful clap. What will be your legacy? This is something that I ponder often, and it drives me.

Say you’re ordinary like me. What could we possibly have to offer our fellow man that might make their lives more substantial? Gifts often come in unrecognizable and sometimes unrealized packages, and what we have to offer others is no exception. It could be as simple as a smile instead of a middle finger when our patience and defensive driving skills are tested. Maybe you notice that the tired woman with 7,000 children standing behind you in the checkout line only needs to purchase her gallon of milk to be on her way, while you are in front of her with your overflowing cart. Do you let her go ahead? You have the opportunity to enrich the lives of even complete strangers, and do so with small acts of kindness. It isn’t the size of the gift. It’s the size of the heart that stands behind it.

The key is to understand that everything that you do can affect someone else. How you will affect them is partially within your control, because they hold the power to choose whether or not to let you affect them. Even with this, you still hold the power when the ball is in your court, so to speak. You can choose to give, serve, love, hug, smile, help, feed, donate, and protect. Enriching the lives of others means that you do something to them or for them that is positive and leaves them, in ways both large and small, with a better life than what they had before they met you. Enrichment does not mean extravagance or the desire for recognition. You don’t have to go over the top to affect someone in a positive way. It only requires thought. Live your life in such a way that others take note and will want to follow you to victory. Lift the fallen. Comfort the weary. Embrace those that are hurting. Be like that lighthouse in the storm. Lead others to their own salvation by being a shining example of life, health, and happiness.

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