• Meg Flynn

Always Forward

There’s just something immensely satisfying about forward momentum, am I right? Metaphorically speaking, it doesn’t matter if you’re running or walking forward, it’s the progression and the feeling of being closer to a goal that excites us. What about going backwards? Everything about backward momentum feels… off. That’s because we aren’t going in the right direction, and we know it. Our brains know it, our senses know it, and our intuition knows it. It’s just the wrong way!

I can promise you this; you will have times when forward momentum within your life may be stagnant or seem impossible. You will experience struggles that cripple you for a moment (or for what may feel like an eternity) and you will have times in your life where going backwards may seem like the better and easier option. Pay attention now, because this is the crucial part. It is during these times that you must dig deep, deeper than even you yourself knew you could dig, and muster up the strength to take even the tiniest step forward. The size of the deed isn’t important, it’s the effort put into your forward progression that counts.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t realistic! There are times when just getting out of bed feels like there should be a crowd at the end of your bed, cheering and encouraging you and your accomplishment on. But remember what I said about the size of the deed not being of importance. If your greatest accomplishment for the day is getting up and moving, then, my friend, give yourself a pat on the back and an “atta boy”! Forward momentum tends to escalate itself. Before you know it, not only are you up and at it, but you’re checking off things from your to-do list and feeling that rush that can only come from knowing that you’re closer to your goals than you were yesterday.

I would be a hypocrite of epic proportions if I told you that I’m over here, killing it every second of every day. I do have days myself where I wonder how I will gather up the motivation to do anything other than hide from that list under the safety of my blankets. And there are times when I avoid the list altogether. Then I remind myself that today is a new day, with 43,200 seconds with which I can totally kick some ass. A lot can be done with that time, and all it takes to start momentum is one baby step.

I once had the pleasure of listening to a speech where the gentleman speaking encouraged his listeners to begin each day with the task making their bed. Simply making your bed, as insignificant of a chore as it may seem, will start a chain reaction of things being accomplished. Even though moving forward at times can be difficult and may feel a bit like you’re trudging through four feet of mud to get there, you must keep moving, and always in a forward direction. If you fall, get back up. If you find your feet won’t move, take pride in the fact that you’re at least standing.

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