• Ryan Mumford


Mantra. I have been reflecting on what it means to me. How it can help others. What impact it may have on those around me. The impact it has on me. I had the idea to start this company with the mindset that I could build it in to something powerful as well as a way to make an income. With more emphisis towards the monitary gain.

This mindset has lead down a path of frustration as I have not see the growth I would have liked. This in turn has created doubt as to the reason I started in the first place. I have allowed this doubt to hinder my forward progress and consume me. I have questioned why I started or if the message is truly powerful enough to have an effect on people in a positive way. I don't blame anyone but myself for my lack of posts, messages, and delay of new designs.

This is the journey. This is the struggle. This is the process. I have listened to many entrepenures that talk about their struggle in order to help others avoid the pitfalls and yes they can tell you about the path, but eventually you need to walk it yourself. You need to experience the setbacks, the terrain, the tree branch smacking you in the face. Are there obsticals that you can avoid with a warning from others? Of course, but you still need to take the path yourself.

My journey has lead me here. To this stop along the way to something greater. While I continue to struggle, I choose to keep moving forward. I am grateful to the people who push me forward and support the message that is Mantra. I will continue to make a statement with my art. I welcome everyone who wants to join in and make a statement of their own. One of the betterment of themselves. To accept the frustration, allow yourself to have those moments but to press through it regardless of how long the challenge takes.

I want to hear your stories, your struggles, your accomplishments, your joys, your statement. Your MANTRA.

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