• Ryan Mumford

Make Your Statement

Definition of STATEMENT:

1: something stated: such as

a : a single declaration or remark : assertion

b : a report of facts or opinions

What does it mean to make a statement? Not just any statement, we make meaningless statements everyday, week, month and year. The statement I mean is one that will truly change you. That will seep into the very marrow of your bones and infuse you with the energy that will drive you forward. Make a statement that will last, that will become your battle cry, your reason, your bestowal to the world.

Anchor yourself to your values. These values in turn can become part of your statement. Allowing you to take the storm of life head on but allow you to move with the waves. Life has many storms and if you don't anchor yourself, you can be lost to the sea.

Make a statement to be a better person. To evolve. To no longer make excuses. To remind yourself that you are not done yet. To do good things. To enrich the lives of those around you. To never fade away.

At the start of this new year, what statement will you make?

What declaration will you bind yourself to?

What is your Mantra?

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