• Ryan Mumford

Become Legend

What makes a legend?

Does it have to do with money, glory, status what car we drive, our actions, being famous? Or is it something deeper?

What is a Legend? By definition, it is a person or thing that inspires. How does one inspire? This depends on how you define what inspires you. What your values are. If you value good pure positive ideals then you are inspired by positivity and the goodness in the world. The opposite is also true. If you value evil corrupt negative ideals then you seek out destruction, pain, and suffering. The great thing is is that YOU get to choose what your values are. You also get to choose to change those values if they no longer serve you.

To Become Legend you must pass on the values that have served you to achieve your goals in the most moral of ways. Those values that helped you to better yourself such as honesty and tenacity. The values that have created strong bonds with your friends and family. The values that you hold strongly to, but also those that you have shed along the way. Audit your values constantly. These values are what you will pass on so that others may know what worked for you. Not all of your values will fit with others but if there is commonality in some values then its a great marker for them in life.

The Legend becomes legendary for those who cross your path and share your values. Those who resonate with your values will learn to craft their own and will pass on their knowledge. This is what creates the legend. Remember, you choose the impression you will leave upon them. Good or bad. Helpful or destructive.

What will your legend be?

What is your Mantra?

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