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Memento Mori

Remember you are going to die.

This is a fact. You don't know when or how, but one day you are going to die. For some this statement is the defining end all be all statement in life. You are going to die. It drives you. It scares you. It keeps you up at night. It makes you reflect on all that you have done or have not done in your life. It can cause you to rethink your decisions, the actions you take and completely change your perspective.

What if it doesn't?

What if you accept that you are going to die one day and that it has no impact on your life? Every thing eventually dies, and that includes you. What is the effect on someone who isn't afraid of death but still finds that its not enough to jump out of their chair and ignite the fire within to live the life that all of the gurus tell you is available? Sure they take chances. Have their doubts about the choices in life. Still read all of the self help and motivational books but still haven't found the real reason to leap up every morning and go all out. What if all of this soul searching is all for not?

I don't hold all of the answers. I am still figuring it all out myself. I have my up days and my down days. I am still working on the answers for myself. But if there is one thing I can pass along, its that if you don't have a set of values that you carry with you, the journey will be more difficult. Root yourself in your core values and learn to bend like the trees when you eventually face your challenges.

Life is an interesting journey that each of us travel. We choose to interact with certain individuals. Share our stories with others. To find what makes us tick, or intrigues us enough to dedicate our lives to. Yes our choices lead us to have different experiences and in the end most of us strive to be civilized. We greet each other, shake hands, hug, kiss, and all of the numerous other greetings our culture has come up with. For some it has a meaning behind it. For others its just a politeness. For others, they would rather spit in your face. In the end how you choose to respond will show your character. The core of who you are, or at least a part of that core.

What is your Mantra?

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