• Ryan Mumford

2020 Reset

The past year was not a good year for Mantra.

Drive, vision, momentum, were lost.

I have been lacking focus. Not following the correct steps have lead to a disappearance of what Mantra should be.

Right now is the time to take action.

Right now its time to reset.

Mantra still has the core values it follows.

Be honest, honorable, respectful and courageous

Mantra hasn't been consistent. While my inconsistency has harmed the momentum, its hasn't killed my vision of what Mantra can be.

This year I envision Mantra doing great things.

I will be consistent with Mantra content.

I will hold myself accountable.

New shirts, new designs, new vigor.

You can help with this resurgence.

I need your help.

Hold me accountable. Challenge my ideas. Join me in this new year to make Mantra what it can be.

I will do my best to reply, engage, and bring you the content that will evolve through the year.

What is your MANTRA?

Thank you for all your support and for taking the time to engage with Mantra.


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